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The new state-of-the-art Clarence Correctional Centre outside of Grafton is due to open mid 2020. This 1,700 bed facility will create 600 jobs for people to join Serco across a wide variety of job profiles.

Learn more about the Clarence Correctional Centre and job opportunities below.

Rehabilitation and Reintegration

The primary purpose of the Rehabilitation & Reintegration team is to provide a range of programs aimed at reducing reoffending and supporting the successful transition of inmates back into the community.

The Rehabilitation & Reintegration team work closely with correctional staff, Industries and Health Services on a day to day basis to ensure a holistic approach to supporting the best outcomes.

To support a positive outcome for inmates and the community, the Rehabilitation & Reintegration team help facilitate:

  • education and vocational programs to increase education levels and develop skills leading to recognized qualifications
  • inmate employment opportunities to develop skills and experience
  • offense related programs to address the root cause of offending
  • life skills programs to increase awareness and promote personal development, with support from family and significant others
  • wellbeing programs to improve social skills and confidence
  • pre-release planning and social services to support successful reintegration
  • continuous cultural and spiritual support to promote wellbeing, respect and decency


Available Roles:

  • Cultural and Religious Advisor 
  • Program Delivery Officer 

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Recruitment Process

If you would like to pursue a correctional career with Serco, you will go through the following recruitment journey, which will take approximately 12 weeks. To learn more about the process and frequently asked questions, click here.

Why Serco?

Serco is a business where people and values matter. We have a strong public service ethos, and we employ people from a range of backgrounds – but each shares the goal of wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Serco has been delivering essential public services in Australia for more than 30 years. As a prison operator, safety and security is always our first priority.

The new Clarence Correctional Centre is our most recent contract, which will begin operations in 2020. Once completed, this 1,700-bed state-of-the-art facility will be the largest correctional centre in Australia.

Our values of Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride underpin everything we do. Our people help in ways that matter.

Clarence Correctional Centre is located just outside of Grafton. To learn more about moving to Grafton, click here.